Blue Giant announces strategic partnership with MacroAir

by MM&D staff

Brampton, ON—Blue Giant Equipment Corporation has formed a strategic partnership with MacroAir, pioneers of the HVLS fan industry. Under the new arrangement, Blue Giant will be selling HVLS fans under the brand name MacroAir by Blue Giant.

Both Blue Giant and MacroAir enjoy a loyal customer base and industry-wide recognition for innovation in their respective fields. Blue Giant began in 1963 as a manufacturer of dock levelers and hand pallet trucks, and progressed over the years into a trusted provider of easy-to-use yet technologically advanced loading dock equipment. MacroAir was founded in 1998, and its groundbreaking HVLS industrial fans were quickly acclaimed as a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to traditional fans and HVAC systems.

The new venture represents benefits to customers on multiple levels. When temperature is regulated via a more efficient airflow, heating and cooling costs go down. By exchanging air every fifty seconds, air quality is improved, which can translate into greater employee comfort and higher productivity. The MacroAir by Blue Giant fans are engineered to run in reverse during the winter months, forcing trapped air down from the ceiling and distributing it evenly, resulting in a typical heat savings of 20 percent or more.

“If a facility doesn’t have a HVAC system, our HVLS fans can act as a stand-alone cooling system, lowering effective temperatures by up to 8°F across the fan’s coverage area,” explains Tony Pacheco, Director of Quality and Aftermarket at Blue Giant. “When used in conjunction with existing HVAC systems, the steady airflow can actually help reduce or, in some instances, eliminate the need for expensive A/C ductwork and diffuser panels.”