Forklift drivers are stress-free: study

by MM&D Staff

Here’s one less thing to worry about regarding your warehouse workforce: chances are, your employees aren’t feeling much pressure.

According to a recent study on workplace stress conducted by web-based job board CareerCast, being a forklift operator is one of the most stress-free jobs out there. The profession came in at number four on the least-stressful jobs list, beat only by musical instrument repairers, medical records technicians and actuaries.

To determine the rankings, CareerCast measures different careers across 23 different job demands—related to work environment, job competitiveness and risk—that can reasonably be expected to generate stress. Each demand is assigned a range of points; the more stressful the job, the higher the rating, to a maximum of 147 points.  

Forklift drivers notched a stress rating of just 20.45.

On the other end of the spectrum, with a score of 108.625, senior corporate executives were found to have the second-most-stressful jobs, topped only by firefighters. This is because the highly competitive field of the executive includes daily pressure to make far-reaching decisions.

Interestingly, most of the jobs with the highest levels of stress also had very low unemployment rates (less than four percent for senior executives), while low-stress jobs tended to have higher jobless rates.

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