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Kenco provides warehouse services for luxury lingerie brand

Kenco will handle the storage, order picking and distribution of products

July 14, 2011
by MM&D staff

HAMBURG, GERMANY: Retailer and retail service provider Hermes Fulfilment has hired American logistics provider Kenco Logistic Services to provide warehouse services for the web store of Wolford, an Austrian luxury lingerie brand. Kenco will handle the storage, order picking and distribution of the Wolford merchandise at its distribution centre in Chattanooga.

The product range includes swimwear and hosiery, and Kenco will process customer orders placed through Wolford’s web store. The company said it will also provide returns management services for the American market.

“After an in-depth examination of the logistics services provided by Kenco we feel sure that we have found a trustworthy and reliable partner to whom we can confidently hand over responsibility for our prestigious customer,” said Dieter Urbanke, Hermes Fulfilment’s managing director. Along with the USA, Wolford’s web store now operates in 14 European countries with Canada soon following.

The services Hermes Fulfilment will provide all back-office processes from the development and management of the web store to payment management, accounts receivable management and returns processing. The company will also provide Wolford with storage and shipping services. For the European web stores these conventional logistics services will be performed at the Haldensleben distribution centre in Germany.