Lug nut lock inventor wins award

by MM&D staff

CALGARY, Alberta—A handcuff-like device for use on wheel nuts has earned its innovator a $10,000 prize.

Ifor Caine Davies and his Zafety Lug Lock

Ifor “Taffy” Caine Davies of Oakville, Ontario has won the Ernest Manning Innovation Award in the mechanics category for his product, the Zafety Lug Lock.

When placed over the wheel nuts, the plastic cuff secures the wheel bolts and prevents them from coming loose. It also serves as a visual reminder that attention has been paid to the state of the wheel bolts.

Caine Davies will be presented with the prize on October 16th in Calgary, Alberta. Three other Ernest Manning Innovation Awards are also being honored for their innovations including a device that detects and controls sudden and harsh noises for hearing-aid wearers.