Nothing Stacks Up Like North American Steel

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NAS is Canada’s Premier Manufacturer and End-to-End Service Provider of Industrial Pallet Racking, Steel Shelving, and Storage Systems.

By Rolf Fabricius, President, North American Steel (

Rolf Fabricius, President, North American Steel

North American Steel Equipment Company (NAS) is a leader in the Pallet Racking and Industrial Storage industry within Canada and across North America. With a combined 350,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing capacity in it’s 4 full-scale  Canadian plants , NAS has one of the largest manufacturing operations of Steel Racking manufacturing in the country. With it’s strategically located offices, authorized service centers and installation teams across Canada, NAS prides itself on it’s ability to accommodate any size of project, from smaller warehouse operations to large scale Nation-Wide operations.

As a 100 % wholly owned Canadian business, North American Steel has experienced consistent growth since it was acquired by the Fabricius family in 1972. In the five decades that have followed, the same core values have been the driver of it’s continued success and growth; Quality, Durability, and Service.

Through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, North American Steel has positioned itself to be able to draw from multiple sectors within the material handling and storage industry. This has enabled NAS to provide a vast array of products, services and pricing options for their clients across Canada and the United States.

North American Steel continues to reinvest in it’s operations, to not only spur growth but also to provide top quality racking products and solutions that are strong, safe, and built to last. Continued investment in innovation, machinery upgrades and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques has allowed  NAS to make great strides in it’s commitment to responsible manufacturing processes.

As a Canadian owned and operated business, North American Steel adheres to the highest level of  product quality and industry standards. NAS’ Canadian manufacturing plants produce a wide range of product lines, including Structural, Roll formed, and Knockdown (bolted) Steel components.

Through industry leading innovation in their design, engineering, and manufacturing processes, NAS produces racking components with greater strength and rigidity than the industry standard. By incorporating 3D analysis tools in their engineering design, they have been able to correctly allocate steel to ensure maximum collision avoidance and abuse resistance. This provides clients with the comfort in knowing that NAS will seamlessly design, manufacture, ship and install customized storage solutions that meet any operational requirements, while also keeping safety, stability, and durability as the top priority.

Manufacturing Canada’s best pallet racking systems is only part of the story of how NAS has become a trusted partner of some of North America’s most prominent companies. NAS has a support team of highly skilled, extensively trained, and experienced employees who provide storage system design, engineering, permitting, inspections, certification, project management, installation, repairs, and ongoing maintenance. When clients work with North American Steel, they have access to a dedicated team of professionals that provide support along every step of the process, before, during, and long after their racking system has been installed.

North American Steel is pleased to announce the launch of their newly interactive website, which is sure to become one of the material handling industry’s greatest resources for pallet racking and industrial storage.  You will find amazing time lapse installations, instructional videos and more.

2022 will mark the 50th Anniversary of North American Steel under it’s current ownership. The NAS family looks forward to celebrating this huge milestone with their clients and partners in the material handling industry.