by Carolyn Gruske

Kandahar Airfield
21 July 2011

Members of the Mission Closure Unit (MCU) are loading the first seacan to be return to Canada.

The Mission Closure Unit (MCU) is responsible for conducting the logistic closure of Operation ATHENA. The MCU will receive, consolidate, inspect, repair, dispose, preserve, pack and move equipment and materiel to Canada as well as issue equipment and materiel for Operation ATTENTION in Kabul. The MCU will also close out contracts, and provide support for movement and contracts management. The MCU will execute this closure by establishing a production capability which will count, clean, label and maintain various pieces of equipment and materiel. Their unit motto is to “Bring Away with Effort and Honor”.

The Mission Transition Task Force is comprised of approximately 1,000 personnel of all ranks that will be responsible to conduct mission closure of Operation ATHENA in order to enable the Canadian Forces to transition to subsequent operations as directed by the Governmen