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Partnership to secure cannabis last-mile delivery

Pineapple Express Delivery Inc. and 3Sixty will work together to provide secure deliveries to business and consumers

February 4, 2019

ALMONTE, Ont. – 3 Sixty Secure Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of 3Sixty, has entered into a strategic partnership with Pineapple Express Delivery Inc. to provide security services that support same day, last mile cannabis delivery services to residences and retailers across Canada.

As part of the agreement, 3 Sixty Secure Corp. will provide secure transport services for high value, large volume cannabis and short-term cannabis storage services across the country. Pineapple Express will, as part of the partnership, provide same-day and expedited delivery services to retail and residential end points.

3 Sixty transports approximately $250 million of product every month. It provides cannabis security consulting, guarding and secure transport security services to more than 500 customers and more than 60 licensed cannabis producers, including some of the world’s largest, such as licensed producers owned by Canopy Growth Corporation. 3Sixty has a staff of over 275 employees and employs a fleet of over 60 vehicles, which provides a combined security footprint to approximately 30 million square feet of patrolled area.

Pineapple Express was founded and is operated by logistics professionals with 10 years of experience offering same-day 60- minute delivery services in multiple industries across Canada with a record breaking 40,000 deliveries per month. Pineapple Express has established security and delivery protocols to facilitate same-day delivery of medical and recreational cannabis across the country. Pineapple Express Delivery has been providing a same day delivery option to the legal Cannabis Industry from October 17th, 2018 and has provincial offices set up across Canada.

“This strategic partnership provides leading security services which better enable Pineapple Express to achieve its goal of delivering superior customer experiences every day,” said Thomas Gerstenecker, CEO and founder of 3 Sixty.

“The partnership represents another channel for 3 Sixty to add new, large-scale cannabis customers who work with Pineapple Express and who can benefit from the world-class security services offered by our company and it is another step towards a safer supply chain for LPs, retailers and provincial governments provided by 3 Sixty.”

“We are extremely happy to be integrating with 3 Sixty to provide a truly unique and comprehensive customer experience and support package to our clients and partners,” said Randy Rolph, CEO of Pineapple Express.