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BC rack safety consultation extended

WorkSafe BC has extended the deadline for completion of a survey on steel racking safety to Friday, February 3

January 31, 2017

Vancouver, BC—CMHDS has alerted us that WorkSafeBC still needs help with the development of the upcoming regulations for Steel Storage Racking.

Companies that will be impacted by these regulations are encouraged to provide their feedback and participate in this survey.

CMHDS suggests that you review the draft copy of the inspection form which is referenced in the survey.

Last year that WorkSafeBC announced it is proposing new storage rack regulations.

In the proposed requirements, the employer must ensure that a qualified person installs/uninstalls storage racks and a qualified person must regularly inspect storage racks. Typically, these qualified persons are not professional engineers or the manufacturers of storage racks.

During public consultations, stakeholders have provided feedback that employers need more guidance in determining who is qualified to conduct such tasks in their workplace. In response to the feedback, WorkSafeBC conducted a series of workshops in 2016 with external subject matter experts to outline the primary competencies that a qualified person should possess in order to safely perform the tasks.

The results from these workshops have been compiled in a survey format for you to rate the competencies and their relevance and importance.

Here is the link to the survey. You are also encouraged to send this email to colleagues, co-workers and others that may be interested in the survey as rack installers, inspectors or supervisors of workers that install or inspect storage racks.


The first section outlines the competencies of a qualified person that installs/uninstalls storage racks.

The next section outlines the competencies of a qualified person that conducts regular inspections of storage racks.

A subsequent section asks questions related to the draft regular inspection checklist as attached.

It is estimated that the survey will take about 30 minutes to complete. You are not required to complete all of the sections, but it would be appreciated if you could answer all of the topics that you have knowledge about.

The deadline for completing the survey has been extended to Friday, February 3, 2017.

The results of the survey will be analyzed by WorkSafeBC staff. Depending on the feedback, the competencies of the qualified persons may be revised. Once finalized, the competencies of the qualified persons will be posted on the WorkSafeBC website as part of the OHS Guideline for storage racks.

Thanks again for your participation! If you have any questions, please contact Madoka Okuma, Senior Policy Advisor [].