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Denmark bans truck trailers on trains

Following deadly crash authorities also changing rules for poor weather crossings

January 8, 2019
by The Associated Press (APR)

COPENHAGEN – Denmark has banned truck trailers on trains following last week’s deadly accident which saw a high-speed passenger train strike cargo that had fallen off a freight train coming from the opposite direction.

The country’s transport authority also said it is imposing stricter conditions for freight transport over the Storebaelt rail link, a system connecting islands in the centre of Denmark, “under special weather conditions” and banning the crossing of freight trains during storms.

The Jan. 2 accident that saw eight people killed and 16 injured occurred on a bridge during strong winds.

The cause of the crash involving a freight train transporting semi-trailers filled with beer crates is still under investigation.

The agency said Tuesday’s decision came after a test showed semi-trailers are not securely locked on piggyback flat wagons.