Railways partner with fire chiefs to promote the AskRail app

by MM&D Online Staff

Ottawa, Ontario—Canada’s railways have released a new promotional video about the AskRail app – a mobile application that gives first responders real-time information about railcar contents in the event of a rail emergency.

Paul Boissonneault, President of the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, and Michael Bourque, President of the Railway Association of Canada, appear in the video along with members of Vaughan’s Fire and Rescue Service, to explain how AskRail works and how emergency responders can sign up to access the app.

Developed by the Association of American Railroads and its members, including CN and CP, the AskRail mobile app allows emergency responders across North America to see railcar contents through a simple search, to view railway emergency contact information, and to reference resources to support incident response.

Canadian railways already provide municipalities with regular reports about the dangerous goods moving through their communities, including the number of unit trains, the percentage of railway cars carrying dangerous goods, and the nature and volume of those goods. But the AskRail app goes further – giving emergency responders another tool to use in responding to a railway incident. So far more than 2,000 first responders across Canada have signed up to use the app.