CN creates training centres

by MM&D staff

WINNIPEG, Manitoba—CN is hoping an investment in real estate will pay off with a stronger workforce in the future.

The company broke ground on a new training centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It will be one of two facilities—with the other located in Chicago, Illinois—that will offer a a uniform curriculum to new hires and existing employees.

The 9,290sqm (100,000sqf) Canadian facility will accommodate 250 to 300 student employees per week. The smaller US facility, will host 100 to 125 trainees in 6,968sqm.

The workers, who will receive training in positions ranging from conductor to locomotive mechanic to track supervisor to signal maintainer, will be taught using a variety of methods and technologies. Dispatch stations and locomotive simulators will be housed in indoor labs while outdoor labs will give students hands-on opportunities to work with dedicated rolling stock and field equipment. Permanent instructors will staff each location.