CSCSC seeks online input

by MM&D Online Staff

Instead of holding focus groups to validate the content of draft occupational standards, the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council is now seeking input online. You can download and review the documents at your convenience.

Five draft standards are ready for review:

  • Cargo Security Screening Guard
  • Emergency Preparedness Manager
  • Regulatory/Compliance Manager
  • Security Risk Management Specialist
  • Security and Safety Manager

Occupational standards for supply chain roles can be used by:

  • Employers, in developing job descriptions, competency profiles and job-performance tools, planning employee education and training programs, and establishing succession plans.
  • Employees, in identifying skills and knowledge needed for particular occupations, assessing their abilities and training needs, and identifying clear career paths.
  • Learning providers, in designing training and educational programs that meet industry needs.

At an average of 8 to 12 pages in length, the CSCSC’s standards are short, concise and easy to use.

Developed in partnership with CSA Standards and with significant input from supply chain stakeholders, the standards include: a position description; required qualifications, in terms of education, training and related work experience; a list of the tasks performed by employees in the role; tools and technologies used on the job; a catalogue of the knowledge, skills and personal attributes needed to succeed in the position; and, an essential-skills profile.

The draft documents and comment-submission form are now on the Council’s website, at