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Port of Montreal hiring

Maritime Employers Association has announced 115 new jobs since September 2018

October 9, 2018

MONTREAL – The Maritime Employers Association (MEA) will hire 50 more employees at the Port of Montreal by 2019. This announcement is in response to the significant increase in hours worked and is in line with the strong growth that the Port of Montreal is already experiencing.

These 50 new positions are in addition to the 65 positions announced in September and represent a total investment of nearly $15 million. These new hires will help meet the needs of growing companies that rely on shipping for their business activities. The Port of Montreal is an intermodal convergence point that is essential to all the economic activities in northeastern North America.

“The new agreement that will replace NAFTA provides predictability to the market and allows us to increase the size of our team for a second time in 2018 in order to better respond to the strong economic growth already felt at the Port of Montreal,” explains Stéphane Morency, president and CEO of the MEA.

“The Port is the economic artery of the region. It serves 70 million people within a 48-hour period and it is essential that we be able to meet the needs of those who depend on us,” he adds, noting also that nearly 16,000 direct and indirect jobs depend on port activities.

The Port of Montreal is the second largest port in Canada, serving 40 million people within one day by truck and 70 million people within less than two days by train. Located 1,600 km inland up the St. Lawrence river, the Port of Montreal is an essential shipping route for carriers and generates $2.1 billion in economic benefits annually.