CEVA Logistics wins Planet Award of Excellence

by Array

CEVA Logistics has won the 2010 Planet Award of Excellence from Lufthansa Cargo, its global partner. The award, presented during the Global Partner Council in Greece, recognizes CEVA’s outstanding performance last year as part of the worldwide co-operation between the companies.

“The collaboration between CEVA Logistics and Lufthansa Cargo in 2010 was based on an outstanding partnership,” said Lufthansa Cargo CEO and chairman Karl Ulrich Garnadt. “Together, we achieved significant growth in tonnage. Once again it has been shown that our top customers and Lufthansa Cargo can achieve a great deal through the Global Partnership Program.”

Garnadt and Andreas Otto, executive board member product and sales, presented the prize to Bruno Sidler, COO, CEVA Logistics and David Lara, vice-president, global airfreight procurement at CEVA Logistics.

“Despite the global decline in tonnage during the crisis in 2009, we have managed— by working together with CEVA Logistics—to achieve constant growth in the volume of cargo transported,” said Otto. “CEVA Logistics is our only global partner to have increased its tonnages annually over the past five years. That reflects the excellent partnership and the strong loyalty between our two companies, which also continued in 2010, which was a record year.”