Descartes releases port flow control solutions

by Array

WATERLOO, ON: Descartes Systems Group has announced its new Port Flow Control solutions, designed to harness the data and community on Descartes’ Global Logistics Network (GLN) to improve the productivity, performance and security of ocean ports.

Port efficiency requires cooperation between those involved in moving goods in an out of a port, including ocean carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers and truck carriers, Descartes said. By sharing electronic data relating to shipment scheduling, booking and movement, the company said that community can more efficiently use the ports and their own resources.

“Ports are in a constant battle to retain and attract new customers. To remain competitive, port communities must extend their reach and services to the broader logistics community,” said Steve Banker, service director, supply chain management at ARC Advisory Group. “Port communities need to provide multi-party logistics services that create efficiencies across ocean supply chains by addressing the needs of the port community and its international logistics services providers, importer, and exporter customers.”

Descartes’ Port Flow Control solutions are designed to help manage the movement of goods into, within and out of the port. The company said its solutions link port community members and existing systems to provide a secure platform for exchanging and accessing shipment data. This data can then be used to make use of assets, such as through advance notification systems for cargo pick-up and delivery; real-time scheduling of assets for cargo movement and for secure trade lanes within the port.

Underlying the Port Flow Control solutions is Descartes’ Global Logistics Network of over 35,000 members and the on-demand regulatory compliance and supply chain execution services. These services are designed to streamline operations and reduce delays associated with data discrepancies and latency. Port communities can  access the larger international logistics community and multi-party services.

“Efficient seaports play a vital role in promoting trade productivity,” said Cindy Yamamoto, vice-president, global logistics product strategy at Descartes. “We’re excited to extend our GLN services to this new community and market to manage shipment flow at ports. Many individual port community members are already using our GLN to improve their own productivity and performance. We believe it’s a logical extension for these port community members to also use the GLN to make ports more efficient, effective and secure.”