Feds fund portion of Deltaport causeway construction

by MM&D staff

DELTA, British Columbia—Federal government funding was announced today to cover part of the costs of building an overpass at a British Columbia port.

The construction project is part of Port Metro Vancouver’s Deltaport Terminal, Road and Rail Improvement Project.

The design calls for the creation of a two-lane overpass between the rail tracks and the Deltaport Causeway access road, which is located adjacent to the Deltaport Container Terminal. The above-grade overpass is expected provide Deltaport with enough extra capacity to equate to 200,000TEUs each year and eliminate conflicts between rail and truck traffic.

Once the overpass is built on the existing Roberts Bank Causeway, new rail track will be added to the existing rail corridor and to a portion of the Option Lands. Existing rail track will undergo some reconfiguration, as will some of the port’s container handling equipment.

Also part of the project is road improvement work on Deltaport Way, which should make it easier to for container trucks to move around Deltaport.

The federal government will contribute up to $19.9 million to the project, which is expected to cost $45 million in total.

Delta-Richmond East MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay spoke on behalf of the government. She said, “This new project will not only make it easier for Canadian exports to travel through the Asia-Pacific Gateway to high-growth markets throughout Asia, but will address some of the transportation pressures port growth has placed on local transportation.”

According to Port Metro Vancouver president and CEO Robin Silvester, “This project increases industrial density, adding container capacity at Roberts Bank, while easing the impacts of a growing port on nearby communities.”

Once all the improvements are finished under the Terminal, Road and Rail Improvement Project, the port will have increased its container capacity by 600,000 TEUs, to a total of 2.4 million TEUs.