Japan ocean ports update

by Array

Japanese ports have closed after the country was hit by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and 10-metre high tsunami on March 11.

Several ports are closed for the time being. Some of the ports in northern Japan, such as at Kushiro, Hachinohe, Ishinomaki and Kashima, were hit by the tsunami. The port of Sendai—one of the worst-hit areas—was also severely damaged. Some carriers have suspended bookings to Sendai until further notice.

Terminal Operations:

  • Tokyo (TICT) and Yokohama (YICT) are operating normally, while other terminals in Tokyo and Yokohama also seem to be operating as usual;
  • Shimizu, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe and ports in Kyushu, in Japan’s south, are operating normally;
  • Sendai’s port suffered heavy damage, with all containers at the terminal either flown out or damaged;
  • ports in Japan’s northeast and northern part of kanto including Ohfunato, Hachinohe,  Onahama, Hitachinaka: no confirmation of the situation but seems there are major difficulties in operation; and
  • ports on the Japan Sea and the northern island of Hokkaido are operating normally, with the exception of Kushiro’s terminal, which was covered by water. As well, operational difficulties were reported for Akita.