Scorecard rates truck driver safety under US system

by Array

Portland, Oregon: A scorecard to be released this month will allow truck drivers to know how they rate under a new US system for measuring the safety performance of motor carriers.

Portland, Oregon-based Vigillo has announced its Roadside Resume—a free truck driver scorecard—will be available in December.

The Roadside Resume will present scores so truck drivers can see how they rate under the US Federal Motor Carrier Administration’s (FMCSA) new system.

Called Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA), the system aims to improve large truck and bus safety through new measurement tools. CSA scores drivers based on a calculation derived from roadside inspections and associated violations.

Vigillo says its service is the only one in the trucking industry that will make CSA scores available to drivers in a free report at any time—provided the driver has a commercial driver’s licence.

The Roadside Resume scorecard will be based on three years of violation history and up to five current and past CDL numbers. The database will include information from carriers that are Vigillo CSA scorecard subscribers or from the newly created category of affiliate members of the Vigillo network.