SOLAS solution

by MM&D Online Staff

Rotterdam, the Netherlands—As of 1 July 2016, the new requirement to weigh containers will go into effect. This is the result of a directive adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in July 2014 which requires shippers to provide a Verified Gross Weight (VGWW) for every full container for export starting on 1 July 2016.

If the shipper is unable to comply, then the shipping companies will refuse to load the container on their ships.

As a result of an agreement between the branch organizations and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment regarding the implementation of the requirement to weigh containers, shippers have two options to comply with the requirement: physical weighing or using the calculation method.

Unfortunately, the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) rules have not accurately described the calculation method to be used, so it is unclear as to which calculation method meets the requirements. The method for physical weighing has, however, been described clearly.

Starting on 1 July, Broekman Logistics will offer a physical method that meets the SOLAS requirements.

“At our location in the Brittanniëhaven (Rotterdam, Botlek), it will be possible to weigh the container with only one stop, where previously two stops were necessary”, says Bertwin Zonneveld, General Manager Sales Breakbulk Terminals, for Broekman.

“Since we can remove the container from the trailer and place it on the scale using a reach stacker, the truck only needs to make one stop, and the driver can immediately go on to the container terminal. In other words, ours is the most efficient solution for the client to weigh his container, as our scale is located near the A15 motorway and the Maasvlakte container terminals.”

Bertwin Zonneveld adds: “Broekman Distriport in the Botlek offers a completely ‘SOLAS-proof’ method for weighing full containers. The weight information can then be shared directly with the client or shipping company upon request.”