Streamlining Customs filings

by Array

NEW YORK: Waterloo, Ontario-based Descartes Systems Group will provide Canadian Tire with Customs Self Assessment (CSA) services, Descartes announced.

Descartes’s software-as-a-service Canadian Customs Brokerage and Security solution—called ITMR4—connects to Canadian Tire’s legacy and reporting systems and processes the company’s Customs filing entries. The system also provides Canadian Tire with a web-based portal to manage those filings.

Through the CSA program, carriers and drivers can clear eligible goods more quickly at the border. Companies can also pay monthly taxes and duties to their financial institutions through the program.

“Canadian Tire is a long-time and active CSA importer and strongly supports the need to have accurate and timely information to ensure the security of our shipments,” said Jeff Thompson, Customs officer and manager at Canadian Tire. “By working with Descartes and being an active CSA importer, Canadian Tire can significantly reduce the cost of doing business, further automate our shipment process and have quick access to the detailed data associated with all our imports.”

Part of the Descartes Global Trade Compliance suite, ITMR4 handles the functions such as accounting, financial reports, imaging, e-billing and web tools for tracking and tracing, reporting and data entry.