Governments funding improvements at port Saint john

by MM&D Online Staff

Saint John, New Brunswick—The governments of Canada and New Brunswick are providing more than $136 million in funding to modernize Port Saint John’s Westside terminals.

This project involves upgrading and consolidating the Rodney and Navy Island terminals to allow the Port to accommodate larger vessels. New operational systems and technology will also be installed to enhance cargo-handling capabilities.

“Our Board and Management team, together with our port stakeholder community, have been working on the West Side Modernization file for the past five years,” said Peter Gaulton, Chairman of Port Saint John. “Today we are officially able to move forward with a project that not only makes business sense for the Port community today but also the future generations of port users.”

This project is part of the Atlantic Growth Strategy.

Port Saint John is a year-round, deep water port that handles an average of 28 million tonnes of diverse cargo annually. With global connections to more than 350 ports around the world, it is a major facilitator of trade and part of Canada’s Atlantic Gateway to global marine markets.

It also harbours cruise ships in the Canada–New England market.

The total estimated cost of this project is $205 million, with $68.3 million coming from the Government of Canada through the New Building Canada Fund’s National Infrastructure Component, and $68.3 million coming from the Province of New Brunswick.

Port Saint John is responsible for the remainder of the project costs.