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Port of Montréal transport access to be upgraded

Federal government is spending $45.8 million for road infrastructure

May 15, 2018

MONTREAL – The federal government is spending $45.8 million for road infrastructure in the City of Montréal adjacent to the Port of Montréal.

The project provides a direct link between the Port of Montréal and highway to reduce congestion on Notre-Dame Street and ensure containers continually move from the terminals. The work will involve extending De l’Assomption Boulevard between Notre-Dame and Pierre-de-Coubertin streets, making it possible to connect a new road at the port exit to the future extension of Souligny Avenue. A road link will be created between the port and the Trans-Canada highway.

At rush hour, nearly 3,500 vehicles transit to the Dickson and Notre-Dame intersection. The three container terminals in the east of Montréal generate nearly 3,600 daily truck movements.

The project is expected to have significant economic and employment benefits by creating approximately 460 jobs during construction.



Canada’s trade with the Pacific Rim is no longer limited to the west coast: in 2006, trade with Asia in 2006 was a small part of the Port of Montreal’s market, by 2016, it represented 25% of traffic at the port. This project will improve the efficiency and capacity of the Port of Montréal and the connected trade corridor, to strengthen Canada’s competitiveness.