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Port of Halifax gets federal funding

Upgrades to storage and transport links on the cards

June 4, 2019

HALIFAX – The federal government is injecting $47.5 million into two projects to will increase cargo capacity at the Port of Halifax.

The first project will increase storage capacity at the Port of Halifax by connecting the South End Container Terminal to the Fairview Cove Container Terminal by rail. Among other improvements, the port will add rail tracks within its existing footprint and acquire four new rail-mounted cranes to load and unload containers faster and more efficiently at both terminals.

The second project will upgrade the Windsor Street Exchange, which is the main access road to the Port of Halifax. This work includes realigning the Bedford Highway, upgrading Lady Hammond Road and installing new traffic signals to improve traffic flow. These upgrades will reduce traffic congestion, improve safety and increase the reliability and efficiency of freight movements.

These investments are expected to create an estimated 880 jobs during construction.