Trailcon chooses tracking and temp control supplier

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

MINNETONKA, Minnesota — Digi International, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services, has signed Trailcon Leasing as a customer. The companies have signed  a multiyear agreement to implement Digi SafeTemps to modernize Trailcon’s fleet with precise usage tracking for optimized maintenance and increased efficiency.

Trailcon Leasing, which recently celebrated its 25-year anniversary, serves some of North America’s largest companies. It has more than 7,000 trailers and five locations across Canada supporting its nationwide business of leasing, renting and servicing operations that includes a mobile repair fleet of nearly 100 licensed trailer technicians, the largest in the nation.

With this agreement, Trailcon is implementing Digi’s advanced, technology-supported solution to fulfill its main objective of providing exceptional service to its customers, which includes many of Canada’s largest for-hire carriers, private fleets and major grocery and retail chains, with a high-performing, reliable fleet of equipment.

The selection of SafeTemps allows Trailcon to offer benefits from improved maintenance procedures based on precise distance and usage tracking – features that also guarantee accurate invoicing and increased efficiency for customers.

Additionally, Trailcon customers can opt to access SafeTemps’ real-time, in-transit GPS and temperature tracking capabilities via separate arrangement with Digi. In addition to tracking the location of shipments, Digi SafeTemps measures air temperature in the trailer to give Trailcon customers interested in this service a view of their inventory’s status and, in the case of perishable goods, insight into the safety of their products.

“Digi came in with their eyes wide open, surveyed our requirements and delivered a solution to make our next 25 years as successful as our first 25 years,” said Mike Krell, vice-president of sales and marketing for Trailcon Leasing.

“With Digi SafeTemps’ GPS and measurement capabilities we’re able to expand our abilities to conduct preventative maintenance to maximize the effectiveness of our fleet, improve invoicing accuracy, and assure customer inventory integrity. The combination of Digi’s offerings and approach made the decision to choose Digi SafeTemps easy.”

“Trailcon chose Digi in part because of our deep domain expertise in transportation and logistics,” said Jamie Williams, vice-president of Digi Smart Solutions Canada.

“We leveraged that expertise in building the Digi SafeTemps solution to provide continuous visibility and automated reporting while integrating with existing dispatch and telematics software.”

Digi Smart Solutions address day-to-day issues of maintaining product quality and safety while lowering costs and achieving goals of higher customer satisfaction and brand reputation with solutions specifically optimized for foodservice, transportation and logistics, and healthcare and pharmacy.

Digi Smart Solutions provide a subscription-based service that continuously and wirelessly monitors task management activities and the temperature of perishable, high-value goods. Digi Smart Solutions provide centralized oversight of food safety processes, improve operational efficiencies, and provide chain of custody verification.