Amazon goes electric in Germany

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

MUNICH/AACHEN, Germany – Amazon has ordered 40 StreetScooter electric vans for use at its distribution centre in Munich Daglfing. StreetScooter has also installed 60 charging stations at the Amazon site.

The Work model box vans will make last-mile deliveries to Amazon customers in the Munich metro area.

“We were very delighted that Amazon turned to StreetScooter for a climate-friendly delivery solution as well as our proven charging infrastructure expertise,” said Jörg Sommer, CEO of StreetScooter GmbH.

“Amazon is committed to achieving the Paris agreement targets ten years ahead of schedule – in 2040 instead of 2050 – so we are collaborating with a number of different partners developing new technologies and helping promote a carbon-neutral economy,” explained Adam Elman, senior lead, sustainability, Amazon Europe.

“We look forward to working with StreetScooter and using their expertise to add additional electric vehicles and charging stations to our network and achieve carbon-neutral delivery operations.”

StreetScooter’s “Made in Germany” e-vans not only proved their ability to handle the heavy demands of last-mile delivery, but scored points for economy and ROI as well. According to Sommer, StreetScooter performs better in total cost of ownership after just a few years as compared to conventional combustion-engine vehicles.

StreetScooter was founded in 2010 as a privately organized research initiative at the RWTH Aachen University. It later became an independent company in Aachen, and secured orders in 2014 for its work vans from the city of Aachen and the Aachen savings bank.

By December 2014 the company had about 70 employees who were building 200 vehicles annually. At that time, Deutsche Post DHL Group bought the company, which became a wholly owned subsidiary.

In April 2016 StreetScooter announced its intention to begin larger scale production of the StreetScooter Work model with 2,000 to be produced by the end of that year.

The goal is to replace the entire Deutsche Post and DHL Express fleet of approximately 70,000 vehicles with electric StreetScooters.