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Purolator opens Don Mills, Ontario, hub

The $8.5 million, 110,000-sq-ft terminal will add up to 135 delivery routes

November 13, 2019

TORONTO – Purolator’s president and CEO, John Ferguson, joined Toronto Mayor John Tory to officially open Purolator’s new Toronto terminal on Valleybrook Drive in Don Mills, which services the GTA, Canada’s fastest growing region.

The $8.5 million, 110,000-sq-ft terminal will add up to 135 delivery routes and sustain 200 jobs through a combination of new and existing positions.

The announcement is part of the company’s $1B Delivering the Future growth and innovation plan.

The first phase of Purolator’s network expansion adds five new facilities across Canada, including this state-of-the-art terminal. This terminal is a complement to its national super hub, which Purolator announced in June 2019 and is planned to open in 2021.

The company is expected to announce additional phases of its network expansion in 2020.

“We are making generational investments today to revolutionize the customer experience of tomorrow,” said Ferguson.

“These investments are a direct reflection of our commitment to support businesses and consumers through dynamic market changes and meet their evolving expectations in a hyper-connected world. Our growth plan will position Purolator extremely well to meet historic volume levels and support even more businesses shipping to, from and within Canada over the long term.”

Purolator expects to process more than five million pieces the week of Cyber Monday (December 2, 2019) and over 35 million parcels leading up to the holiday season.

Last year, shipments to Ontario represented approximately 38 percent of Purolator’s Canadian business volume – with almost half (46 percent) delivered to the GTA.

Purolator processed more than a quarter billion packages in 2018 and is forecast to deliver even more this year.

The company is extending its regular delivery operations during evenings and weekends in November and December to meet demand.

In the GTA alone, the company has 4,000 employees, 1,400 vehicles and 13 terminals.