Eliminating the last mile

by MM&D Online Staff
Lockers are placed in convenient sites such as grocery stores.
Lockers are placed in convenient sites such as grocery stores.

TORONTO, Ontario—Canpar Courier has partnered to allow customers to pick up e-commerce purchases at InPost 24/7 Automated Parcel Locker.  With this new service, Canpar customers will no longer need to make the trip to the Canpar warehouse to retrieve their parcel after missing a delivery.  Missed deliveries will now be redirected to the nearest InPost Locker in the vicinity of the delivery address.

An initial pilot program, launched this September, targeted 80 InPost Lockers currently servicing the GTA. This will be expanded to take advantage of the rapidly growing InPost Locker network with a further 200 GTA locations by the end of this year and another 1,000 locations Canada-wide in 2016.

Laurie Speed-Stoneburgh, vice-president, sales and customer service at Canpar says, “By including the InPost Locker network as a parcel pick up point for Canpar customers we can now offer a more flexible solution to those who miss a parcel delivery. The option to pick up at a conveniently located locker has been very well received by our customers in the GTA providing the ultimate flexibility to retrieve their items when and where they want.”

InPost lockers are accessible 24/7 and the self-serve pick up process takes under 10 seconds to complete. In addition, redirecting to an InPost locker is a more efficient missed delivery solution for Canpar, avoiding the need for redelivery or returning the parcel to the warehouse.

Canpar has recognized that more convenient delivery options are key to improving customer experiences and to building market share in Canada.  Studies show that half of households are unattended during working hours and over 40 percent of consumers are more likely to shop online when locker delivery is available*.

“Our automated parcel machines are becoming an irreplaceable form of easy and quick delivery of items for all Canadians,” says InPost Canada CEO Tony Jasinski. “We are delighted to be partnering with Canpar, a courier dedicated to ensuring everyone’s shopping and customer-service expectations are surpassed.”

InPost is a global company with a ground-breaking system. It allows those who make online purchases to conveniently pick up their packages at any time of day from a designated network of automated parcel machines. The InPost concept, proven around the world, is the perfect remedy for missed courier deliveries and offers the ultimate in e-commerce shopping convenience.

InPost plans to roll out 1,000 additional locations nationally in 2016 under site agreements with major retailers, grocery outlets and gas stations.