Operation against counterfeit pallets in Europe

by MM&D Online Staff
Operation against counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets on the Ukrainian/Slovakian border
Operation against counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets on the Ukrainian/Slovakian border

Dusseldorf, Germany—More than 1,000 counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets were seized during a large-scale inspection at the Ukrainian/Slovakian border.

The operation was performed as a joint operation between the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL), independent inspection company Bureau Veritas and the Slovakian customs authorities at the Uzhgrog/Vyšné Nemecké border crossing. The aim of the operation was to prevent the illegal import of counterfeit Euro pallets into the European Union.

Within a week, a total of six truck loads had been inspected, two of which contained counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets. The counterfeits were clearly identifiable by means of the counterfeit branded markings on the side and centre blocks of the Euro pallets and the lack of control staples. The poor quality of the pallets was also immediately apparent.

The seized counterfeit pallets were destroyed at the expense of the illegal importers immediately after the investigations had been concluded.

The counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets are a trademark protection infringement that is subject to prosecution by EPAL, holder of the rights to the “EPAL in oval” brand, and by the customs authorities.

Further operations are planned on the Ukrainian borders with Poland and Hungary. The European Pallet Association is also working closely with EPAL-licensed pallet producers in Ukraine.

Samson Simonian, EPAL’s representative in Russia, explains the local work of EPAL: “It’s all about stabilizing the quality of the pallet market in Ukraine and the region with respect to EPAL and strengthening the position of our licensees by prosecuting counterfeiters and importers of counterfeit EPAL pallets.”