EnerSys offering battery operation evaluations for large lift truck fleets

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

READING, Pennsylvania – EnerSys is providing on-site battery fleet assessments for large-scale material handling operations. The fleet-wide evaluations help large companies identify and document their battery usage and maintenance patterns to determine battery-operating costs and uncover money-saving opportunities.

The assessments are comprehensive, employing a mix of wireless monitoring units on each battery, proprietary efficiency management analytics software, several weeks of data collection and deep analysis by industry experts.

The evaluations were developed to help large-scale battery users improve battery operations with new and emerging technologies. As Steve Ache, director of new accounts development at EnerSys explains, “Our on-site assessments utilize state-of-the-art EnerSys battery monitoring and management tools so that customers can identify where they are and where they need to go to optimize battery fleet productivity and value.”

The assessments were developed to overcome the inherent drawbacks of single-visit battery surveys. Chief among them is that on any given day, about one-third of a material handling battery fleet is being recharged and unavailable for analysis.

Instead, the EnerSys evaluations are conducted over several weeks, a period during which battery operating data is captured with an EnerSys Wi-iQ battery device installed on every battery in the fleet. The device monitors a range of data, including Amp Hours (AH) charged/discharged, battery health, temperature and voltage.

The data streams to the XINX Efficiency Management Portal, a universal, cloud-based battery optimization program that quantifies every aspect of the operation. The process yields measureable results that can help companies develop strategies to cut costs and increase productivity for forklift fleets with 50 or more batteries.

Once the assessments are complete, EnerSys representatives share the results with the customer, which include battery fleet optimization plans based on specific facility demands. Currently, the on-site evaluations are available for companies with material handling battery fleets that exceed 50 batteries. EnerSys also offers the XINX program for continuous operations improvement beyond the initial evaluation.