New DC for Pizza 73

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

EDMONTON – Pizza 73, a pizza chain in Western Canada, opened the doors to a brand new 40,000 square foot headquarters in Edmonton in June 2018.  Thirty-three years after the pizza delivery chain opened the doors to their first pizza store in Edmonton, and with 86 stores operating under the brand, Pizza 73’s recent expansion sparked the need for the brand new, larger facility.

The new head office will be home base to their distribution centre, customer service, call centre and administrative teams. Pizza 73 is hiring several key functions and is expected to staff approximately 100 employees by October 2018, approximately 20 percent more than currently employed.

Pizza 73 is committed to sustainability and has installed 100 percent LED lighting, occupancy sensors, high efficient boilers, roof top units, and high efficient insulated roof and panels.

“Pizza 73’s new headquarters is an important investment for today and tomorrow as we grow and innovate Pizza 73 and Western Canada,” said Philip Goudreau, the company’s senior vice-president, operations and development.

“It will help with efficiencies for our team and suppliers to allow us to enhance the customer experience. Pizza 73 is a proud Canadian brand with deep roots in Western Canada. We now employ over 1,800 people across Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC and Yukon between restaurant staff, delivery drivers, commissary, call centre, and administrative team members, and we’re looking forward to continued growth.”

Pizza 73 further tapped into local talent by contracting Alberta-based contractor Cormode and Dickson, along with Edmonton-based architectural firm, BR2. Construction began in early 2016.

The facility will service the leading Western Canadian pizza chain’s locations throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Yukon.