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New DC in Winnipeg for Western Glove Works companies

Parian Logistics Inc. has bought a 28.6-acre property which includes an office and distribution centre

June 13, 2018

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Parian Logistics Inc., an affiliate of Stern Partners Inc., has bought a 28.6-acre property, including a 427,000-square foot office and distribution centre, at 1530 Gamble Place in Winnipeg.

The property will be the future head offices and distribution centre for Warehouse One and Ricki’s, as well as the distribution centre for Bootlegger and cleo.  More than 350 individuals will work at Gamble Place.

“We’re excited to be bringing many new jobs to our new facility in Winnipeg,” said Bob Silver, president and co-owner of Western Glove Works and co-owner of Warehouse One, Ricki’s, Bootlegger and cleo.

“Winnipeg is our home and has a strong and stable economy with a talented and diverse workforce. The ability to further grow these companies was a key driver behind this investment. We’re thrilled to be re-investing for the future with the Stern group in this city.”

“Stern Partners’ decision to invest in Winnipeg is yet another example of the confidence private investors have in our government’s economic plan,” said Blaine Pedersen, Manitoba’s minister of growth, enterprise and trade.

“Our diverse economy, dynamic workforce and Stern Partners’ major investment send the strong message that Manitoba is open for business.”

Parian Logistics is beginning work immediately on preparing the facility for its retail tenants, with Warehouse One set to move in first in January 2019. Bootlegger, cleo and Ricki’s will then start moving in on a staged basis later in 2019.

Once complete in early 2020, the facility will feature modern redesigned office space and a state-of-the-art retail and e-commerce distribution centre. Approximately 70,000 feet of the building will be leased to a third party and Parian Logistics will be looking to develop the adjoining 10.5-acre parcel.