Chat GPT – three red flags for supply chain users

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by Emily Atkins

What does ChatGPT, the AI chatbot, mean for supply chains?

Supply chain guru Kevin O’Marah, founder of Zero100 and former director at Amazon recently suggested that it breaks the trust required for successful supply chain operations. “If you can’t spot the difference between what the chatbot says and what your best people would say, you are in trouble. At first, it will seem innocuous or even helpful, especially if the ChatGPT answer is 80 to 90 percent correct. In time, however the lack of human perspective bridging information sucked from hundreds of websites to the context of your question, will fail you, and perhaps spectacularly,” he blogged on the Zero100 website.

“ChatGPT will worsen the trust deficit, at least for now, by enabling people who know nothing about a topic to sound like experts. Supply chain leaders should learn how to use this new tool/toy if we want to maintain and build trust with customers.”

He added that using the tool may stifle innovation because “it can answer questions, but it can’t imagine operational breakthroughs.”

Furthermore, O’Marah said while the results of a ChatGPT serach may look credible, there’s no research trail, no citations, nothing to back the answer up. In short, treat it with a good deal of skepticism.