LEADING EDGE: Let the good deeds train roll on

by Ross Reimer
Ross Reimer, Leading Edge
Ross Reimer has more than 30 years of experience in transportation/supply chain. For the last 20 years he has been President of Reimer Associates, a recruitment firm within supply chain.

Other than the transportation metaphor, this article has little to do with logistics. That said, right now we are all surrounded by more than our share of difficult news and stories of trying times, whether we are working in supply chain or any other industry.

I think we are all looking for brighter moments of good news and inspiration. It is in this context that I share this story and draw attention to a kind deed a friend of mine recently did for a family he did not even know.

My good friend Bruce was looking to sell a snowboard online. He posted it on a couple of sites and received a call from a woman who was looking for snowboarding equipment for her 12-year-old son. Unfortunately, the equipment Bruce had for sale was not going to fit the young fellow. The woman also shared that she had very little money and was really hoping to find a great bargain. The exchange was brief and both parties moved on.

However, just a few days later Bruce was in a sporting goods store that sold both new and used equipment. He came upon a spectacular snowboard, only gently used with an extremely low price – just $19.95 to be exact. Before anyone else could lay claim to it, he purchased it.

Still sitting in the parking lot of the store, he searched through his phone to find the contact information for the woman he had spoken to just a few days earlier. Sure enough, he located the number and texted her a message. He told her he had found the perfect snowboard for her son and wondered if she was interested, and if so, could she get to this particular store to meet him? She immediately replied and when she learned the price was just $19.95, said they would be there as quickly as possible.

Only a few minutes later she and her husband and children pulled into the parking lot. Bruce took the snowboard out of his car and measured it up to the young man’s height. A perfect fit. He handed the board to the young man. No charge.

Bruce was just happy he was able to come across the snowboard and do a good deed. Needless to say, the boy was beaming as he accepted the gift with gratitude. His father said to him, “If you didn’t believe in Santa Claus before, you sure do now!”

The best part for Bruce was receiving some photographs from the family just a few days later, showing their son snowboarding down a small slope close to their home, happy as could be.

I was so impressed when I heard this story. Just a small gesture of kindness and a young boy’s winter is filled with hopefulness and fun. (The slopes are closed but thank goodness for the hill close to their house.)

The fact is that plenty of good deeds like this do take place each day. Simple human acts of kindness make such a difference, particularly in difficult times like the ones we are experiencing right now. So many people have lost so much hope, and yet their day can be turned around by a good deed.

I was inspired by Bruce’s act of kindness to keep my eyes wide open for my own opportunities. I’m sure you are too. Let’s all jump on the good deeds train and keep it moving.