Taking Stock: Dealing with dope

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by Emily Atkins

Do warehouse employees smoke weed? With StatsCan reporting this year that 14 per cent of Canadians (or around
4.2 million people) reported using cannabis in the past three months, and a whopping 56 per cent reported daily or weekly use,
it seems likely that many employees are toking.

Now that recreational marijuana is being legalized in Canada on October 17 your response as an employer to workers who are high on dope will have to change. Previously it could be a matter for the police if you wanted to throw the book at a bad actor. But now that possession and use is legal for those over 19 years of age, dealing with a problem on your premises will be your problem.

How do you determine if a pot smoker is impaired? How do you set limits on its use? What are the physical boundaries of the workplace where its use is not allowed? When do you test employees? These are all questions that need to be addressed in a corporate HR policy in order to avoid issues like liability, accusations of wrongful dismissal and more.

HR consulting firm Morneau Shepell has made recommendations for employers about implementing a pot policy. You can read about it here (page 7), and hopefully what they are saying doesn’t come as a complete shock to your organization.

Marijuana is posing challenges more specific to our supply chain industry as well. With legalization comes legal distribution, and there is a lot going on across the country as provincial governments figure out how they will manage sale of a recreational drug. Although it seemed logical to me to use a liquor distribution model, that’s not the way it’s panning out. We explore the fascinating array of differing approaches starting on page 20 (no, not 420).

As an employer, what are your concerns about marijuana legalization? Does your company have a policy in place? What does it look like?

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