AI asset optimization

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. – Vecna Robotics (Vecna) has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) multi-agent orchestration engine,, that harmonizes the work of fleets of autonomous vehicles with workers and other automation.

Vecna Robotics recognizes a serious and ongoing problem in warehouses and distribution centres: old material workflow designs are failing to evolve with changing demand, hindering productivity, and flexible robots are only part of the solution.

To address this issue, Vecna prioritized workflows over robots by designing AI-driven software that enables humans and robots to react on-demand to the current state of operation and shift the workflow accordingly.

The result:, the world’s first ever AI-driven orchestration engine that evaluates all the work that needs to be done, along with all available agents (diverse types of robots, human workers, or other equipment), and dynamically shifts task allocation among them. helps organizations navigate both everyday challenges and unforeseen events by putting each human and robot in the best position for maximum productivity.

“With, we’ve developed a system that enables humans and robots to work together in the most efficient way possible,” said Dan Patt, CEO of Vecna Robotics.

“ understands your operation and the inherent strengths of different robots and humans. It analyzes your current process state and oversees task assignments based on accessibility, location, and the ability of resources, ensuring every player on the team is optimally contributing in real time.”

Vecna’s self-driving vehicles collect data, analyze surroundings, and dynamically react to obstacles or any unforeseen events. provides data-driven insights at a fleet and workflow level, creating a continuous improvement cycle over time. uses this real-time data to dynamically optimize workflows in DCs and other industrial settings. easily integrates with existing legacy automation, piece-picking robots, user interfaces, WMS, and MES systems allowing for information sharing across people, robots, and associated systems, ensuring transparency across an entire organization.

“The debut of marks an exciting time at Vecna Robotics,” Patt said.

“We now have a system that truly refines material workflows, and lets robots be robots, and humans be humans. It allows us to harmonize human and robotic forces to boost productivity and achieve a lasting competitive edge. This signals the beginning of a new era in robotics and orchestration, and is the solution warehouses and distribution centers need now.”