A stacker for all occasions

by MM&D staff

MANILLA, AZ: Presto Lifts offers the Presto PowerStak, a fully-powered stacker. According to Presto, the PowerStak features a sleek design, low weight and quiet operation that allow it to fit into a wide variety of work environments including warehouses, loading docks, light assembly work cells and retail sales floors.

Presto said four PowerStak models are available to fit various requirements, including servicing racks up to 10 feet high. The product features an ergonomic handle with comfortable grip controls and switch redundancy for left or right hand operation, Presto said. The polyurethane drive wheel is completely shrouded to protect the operator’s feet, while the narrow mast and offset design provide workers with a clear view and no blind spots.

The PowerStak also has an adjustable fork carriage that allows forks to be quickly repositioned to accommodate loads, the company said.