AGV control system

by MM&D Online Staff

FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan—Jervis B. Webb Company has introduced SAM (System Automation Manager), a robust control system for Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and SmartCart Automatic Guided Carts (AGCs).
“SAM is the result of six decades of designing and manufacturing more than 20,000 AGVs,” said Rob Schmit, president of Jervis B. Webb Company.  “We listened to our customers and developed a control system that meets their individual needs.”
The SAM system is easily customized for each customer and provides:
·         Centralized Vehicle Management – manages movement of all vehicles
·         Graphical User Interface (GUI) – visual display of all vehicle activity
·         Easy Integration – interfaces with major PLCs, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and HMI displays
·         Comprehensive Reports – all data of vehicle activity is available
·         Centralized Vehicle Management – SAM communicates to each vehicle every second of operation

“One of the main benefits of our AGVs and SmartCart AGCs for customers is flexibility, and we wanted to bring that same concept to our control systems,” said Bruce Buscher, Vice President of Smart Handling.  “SAM allows customers to program their AGV systems themselves, pull graphical reports and show all vehicles on one, comprehensive screen for quick troubleshooting.”

Webb provides a wide variety of autonomous industrial vehicles, from SmartCart AGCs that move small loads to heavy-duty AGVs that move up to 250,000 pounds.