AI demand prediction

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

ATLANTA – Logility’s Voyager Pulse Wise is an autonomous engine that senses, analyzes and updates demand planning parameters in real-time to help ensure the supply chain operates at peak performance. Artificial intelligence (AI) analyzes future demand signals and actual performance to proactively react to changes that may impact forecast accuracy. This innovative approach to creating a more precise supply chain plan has shown to increase forecast accuracy by 20 to 50 per cent.

Advances in AI have helped augment planner productivity and automate many of the routine functions to accelerate decision-making and sense the “pulse” of the latest market and business conditions to quickly respond with appropriate updates.

Voyager Pulse Wise is an AI-based solution that monitors forecast accuracy in real-time and adjusts the forecast parameters autonomously for each forecasted item to increase accuracy and help ensure supply chain peak performance. It continuously monitors supply chain performance as well as internal and external data sources to sense, analyze and adjust to market conditions to help companies stay ahead of potential disruptions, respond to spontaneous demand and take advantage of new opportunities.

“Supply chain teams must automate planning and accelerate their time to market if they are going to stay ahead of their competition and respond to dynamic market conditions,” said Allan Dow, president, Logility. “Logility Voyager Pulse Wise can improve forecast accuracy in real time and relieve the supply chain organization from the burden of manual forecast tuning which frees up time for more strategic activities.”

Voyager Pulse Wise is available on the Logility Voyager Solutions 1901 platform.