Automated deep lane storage

by MM&D Online Staff

Oakville, Ontario-Automha’s AUTOSATMOVER is a fully automated product that offers high storage density and throughput, making it extremely beneficial in freezer applications. It can move hundreds of pallets per hour without operators or forklifts working in the freezer.

Storage density available in this type of system  exceeds what is available with deep reach or push back systems.

The company currently has multiple sites on order or being installed at this time. From the smallest two-level system storing just a few hundred pallets, to a very substantial site with over 59,000 pallets, the company says it will customize a solution to precise needs.

The systems operate in temperatures ranging from -22° F to 113 ° F and can store everything from “Soup to Nuts”—as well as meat, dairy, beer, fabrics, automobile components, olive oil, frozen vegetables and many more.

The concept of the AUTOSATMOVER is different from a typical crane based system. A crane based ASRS typically handles one pallet at a time over the height of the system.

For example, with a six-level high crane system, one crane moves one pallet over the six levels. For the AUTOSATMOVER system there is a cart pairing at each level, bringing pallets to and from stationary lifters, thus providing both tremendous throughput and redundancy within the same footprint or less. One level can be turned off for maintenance, something that can never be done with a crane-based system without hindering throughput.

Because of the simplistic design of the equipment it can be used in both new facilities or as part of a retrofit of an existing facility.