Cargo securement straps

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Kinedyne LLC, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of cargo control technologies, including cargo securement, capacity and access solutions for the transportation industry, announced the introduction of a family of new ultra-heavy-duty load securement straps.

The new Rhino Max brand of winch straps and ratchet straps will replace Kinedyne’s abrasion-resistant Rhino Web line. The K-Force brand of winch straps, ratchet straps and logistics straps is a completely new offering from the company.

Rhino Max and K-Force winch straps have a working load limit (WLL) of 6,670 pounds, 23 percent greater than the current industry standard of 5,400 pounds. Rhino Max and K-Force ratchet straps have a WLL of 4,000 pounds, 20 percent greater than the current industry standard of 3,335 pounds. The K-Force logistics strap has a WLL of 1,500 pounds, 50 percent greater than the traditional 1,000-pound rating.

“Kinedyne has established a new and higher bar for winch, ratchet and logistics straps that is 20 to 50 percent higher than others on the market,” Paul Wolford, vice president of sales and marketing for Kinedyne LLC, said. “The high-tech looms in our Prattville, Ala., location allow us to use more polyester material than standard rated winch and ratchet assemblies, thus enabling our new load securement straps to perform with greater capacity.”

Kinedyne weaves its own webbing in the U.S. and is able to maintain strict quality control over its entire manufacturing operation. The new Rhino Max and K-Force straps are engineered to manage heavier loads and employ more polyester material in the body of the strap than Kinedyne’s previous webbing.

Kinedyne also used its advanced engineering capabilities in the development of its new Rhino Max brand winch straps and ratchet straps. Significantly stronger than its Rhino Web predecessor, Rhino Max load securement straps are coated with the same award-winning abrasion-resistant chemical coating that made Rhino Web a favorite of fleets and owner-operators looking for a strap capable of standing up to severe-duty environments. The new straps retain the famous rhino-gray color.

“Rhino Web changed webbing durability standards when it was introduced in 2002, and now, with the enhanced WLL of our new Rhino Max , there is no equal for its strength and durability,” Wolford said. “With Rhino Max , users will secure heavier loads with fewer straps and will continue to appreciate the famed Rhino toughness.”

With the introduction of Kinedyne’s Rhino Max and K-Force brand load securement straps, the company now has three tiers of strength and durability, uniquely positioning it among heavy-duty equipment suppliers. Kinedyne’s product foundation remains its ubiquitous standard gold load securement strap with black edges.

The second product tier includes the new and stronger K-Force brand, and at the apex is the ultra-strong and durable Rhino Max brand.