Diesel lift truck

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

HOUSTON – Cat Lift Trucks has introduced its new series of Tier 4 Final 22,000 – 36,000 lb. capacity diesel pneumatic tire lift trucks.

The new Cat DP100N2-DP160N2 lift truck series provides power and reliability to tackle some of the most demanding material handling applications.

“The Cat DP100N2-DP160N2 models are powered by a high-performance twin turbo Perkins 204F 4.4L diesel engine, which offers 13 percent greater fuel efficiency than the previous generation,” said Elia Maftoum, product marketing manager at Cat Lift Trucks.

“This heavy-duty lift truck series is designed to deliver the exceptional power, performance and reliability that customers need to tackle some of the toughest material handling applications. With the new fuel-efficient engine and three-speed sturdy Powershift transmission, customers can expect lower fuel costs without sacrificing performance.”

Featuring 22,000-36,000 lb. lift capacities, these heavy-duty lift trucks are ideal for lumber, fabricated metals, steel, pipe and concrete applications. In addition to meeting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Final requirements, this series has an ergonomic operator compartment designed for comfort and maximum productivity.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 13% Increase in Fuel Efficiency. The DP100N2 – DP160N2 forklift series features the Perkins 1204F 4.4L diesel twin turbo-charged four-cylinder engine that meets or exceeds EPA Tier 4 Final regulations

  • Maximum Uptime. These lift trucks use Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) modules designed to strip out hydrocarbons and reduce NOx levels during normal operation. This after treatment does not require cleaning or service, thus reducing downtime and allowing operators to work more efficiently without stopping.  The forklift’s standard engine protection system also notifies operators if engine oil pressure, coolant temperature or transmission fluid temperatures reach critical levels. The system automatically lowers maximum RPMs and slows travel and hydraulic speeds when the truck is not performing at acceptable levels, effectively reducing the potential for damage or costly repairs.

  • Improved Serviceability. In addition to the 500-hour service intervals, these forklifts, including the Perkins engine, can be fully-serviced by local Cat lift truck dealer technicians.

  • Superior Operator Comfort. Operator comfort and control is critical for sustained operational efficiency even in the most difficult environments.  This series features a three-section hydraulic control valve with highly ergonomic fingertip controls, and a full-suspension seat with vibration reduction features that help maximize operator comfort. The lift truck is also equipped with a hydrostatic steering system and raised floormat for additional traction in the operator compartment.