Dimensioning software

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

SALT LAKE CITY – B2B’s reliance on technology to digitize the movement of goods matches the double-digit annual percentage growth e-commerce is experiencing worldwide. Packsize taps into this tech demand with its announcement of its PackNet.DIM product dimensioning software. PackNet.DIM expands the data collection and On Demand Packaging capabilities of Packsize’s PackNet production and optimization software platform.

“Product dimensioning can drive real performance and savings for e-commerce businesses of all sizes,” said Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner. “PackNet.DIM gives our customers the ability to optimally manage their entire product inventory and brings greater value clarity to their packaging operations.”

Through an easy-to-use interface, PackNet.DIM captures dimensional data to box difficult-to-size or complex products. PackNet.DIM can also complement a fulfillment operation’s inbound or product management inventory process by collecting and storing key product attributes beyond length, width, height, and weight.

According to Packsize senior product manager Connor Pehrson, industry and customer analyses show that on average, businesses have not yet captured 35 percent of their inventoried product.

“The primary reason for this often ties back to the complexity of a product portfolio,” said Pehrson.

“PackNet.DIM also does away with restrictions posed by a current warehouse management system (WMS) or product database,” Pehrson explains.

“Eliminating the need for an expensive WMS customization or upgrade, PackNet.DIM can collect and store the key attributes and important supplemental product detail for thousands of products to accurately automate and maximize packaging size and type decisions.”

PackNet.DIM also includes export and import capabilities to simplify and enhance the transfer of this data.

PackNet.DIM can be added to a current or new PackNet license, or purchased as a standalone software tool.