Dynamic pallet dimensioner

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by Emily Atkins

The dimension-in-motion technology of the TLD970 from Mettler Toledo automates the capture of cargo dimensions.

Precisely knowing the length, width, and height of each handling unit is critical for optimal utilization, accurate customer billing, and customs regulations.

Using light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology, the TLD970 provides the measurements of a single cargo item within seconds regardless of lighting conditions, enhancing pallet handling efficiency while conserving precious labour resources.

The TLD970 is NTEP and MID approved to measure all pallet shapes, including irregulars, at speeds up to 15 kph. 

One transportation and logistics company reported that the TLD970 system maximizes revenue recovery on 100 percent of pallets. The company was able to process up to 720 pallets per hour, tripling the productivity of their previous throughput.

Another Mettler Toledo customer, a global freight handler, has been able to capture dimensions on over 95,000 shipments of all shapes and sizes per day, which is over 85 percent of all shipments.

Combining the TLD970 Dynamic Pallet Dimensioner with Mettler Toledo’s TLF820 Forklift Scale lets customers to capture all critical cargo information, facilitating accurate billing, optimized utilization of cargo space, and compliance.