ELDs certified for Canadian market

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Solera’s electronic logging devices (ELDs) have received mandatory third-party certification in Canada.

Omnitracs’ Intelligent Vehicle Gateway, XRS with Relay, Omnitracs One with XRS Relay, and Omnitracs One with AMGC ELDs have been certified by FP Innovations for compliance with the Canadian ELD Mandate.

Full enforcement of the ELD mandate is scheduled for January 1, 2023. While carriers will not be placed out of service for not having a verified Canadian ELD by this date, fines will be imposed if ELDs are not Canadian-certified.

Solera’s Canada-based and U.S.-based customers that do business in Canada are fully covered in this regard. As an ELD-certified provider, Solera offers increased safety for both drivers and organizations by aiding compliance with hours-of-service (HOS) regulations limiting the number of consecutive hours that can be driven.

“Our products meet strict performance and design standards, underscoring Solera’s dedication to provide quality and compliant technology to customers,” said Florence Dougherty, director of product management at Omnitracs.

“We are focused and committed to safety and compliance, and we’re proud to continue providing a high-level of service to our customers operating in Canada as proven by these latest certifications.”

In addition to meeting compliance standards with HOS regulations, Solera’s ELDs provide crucial real-time information to key players in the transportation timeline, including:

  • Driver alerts: Automatic alerts for device malfunctions and warnings indicating new unassigned driving time prompts upon logging into the device.
  • Driver duty status: All duty statuses indicated in HOS regulations, plus special conditions such as off-duty personal conveyance and on-duty yard move.
  • Key Insights: Devices record important data elements at predetermined intervals, including location information, vehicle distance, identification information, engine power cycles, engine hours/odometer, date, and time.