Environmentally friendly temperature control

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

With a new protective packaging solution, Storopack offers proof that temperature-sensitive products, such as food and pharmaceuticals, can be transported both sustainably and at exactly the right temperature.

Renature Thermo is moisture-resistant paper cushioning with an insulating filling mainly made from plant-based starch. The  starch is a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise be disposed of.

Renature Thermo can be reused multiple times – and disposed of in an exceptionally eco-friendly way. The paper and starch are made completely from renewable raw materials and can be easily recycled or composted; after use, consumers can simply separate the two components and dispose of them as recyclable paper/via compost or organic waste. Renature Thermo is now available in North America.

Storopack has set a target of making at least 50 percent of its internally manufactured protective packaging from recycled or sustainable raw materials by 2025.

Thanks to the insulating properties of Renature Thermo, the temperature inside the shipping carton can be kept within a variety of ranges, with different types of cooling media used to do so.

Renature Thermo is U-shaped, meaning that two cushions can effectively cover all six sides around the shipping goods for protection within the box. The U-shaped design also helps facilitate a fast, ergonomic packing process, as the goods are ready for shipping in the box in just a few steps. Another benefit is the cushions’ low weight, which helps to reduce shipping costs.

On request, Storopack will supply customers with Renature Thermo as a complete, shipping-ready set comprising a shipping carton, two Renature Thermo paper cushions, and gel packs to keep the goods cool. Alternatively, customers can just order the sustainable protective packaging and use their own boxes and gel packs for their temperature-controlled consignments.