Flat goods storage

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
The system height can be up to eight metres.

The metal sawing and storage technology specialist KASTO has brought out the KASTOecostore tower storage system, a compact, standardized solution that is ideal for storing pallets and flat goods of various sizes.

The advantages of the automated system are its low space requirement, high storage density, flexible clamping and fastening, short access times and excellent value for money. The KASTOecostore is equipped with a cutting-edge drive and control system for top performance. It ensures highly dynamic, precise operation and is very easy to use.

The standard version of the KASTOecostore accommodates materials with a width of up to 1,524 millimetres and a length of up to 4,000 millimetres. Other length dimensions are available on request.

The system height can be up to eight metres and can be chosen as needed. The same applies to loading heights: Users can specify up to three different heights between 50 and 950 millimetres per storage system.

Besides being suitable for storing sheet metal in a wide range of sizes, the KASTOecostore can also hold containers such as euro-pallets and wire boxes. This makes it ideal for applications involving many different materials – for example, in small businesses, workshops and maintenance shops. It can also be used as a buffer store between production areas.

The lifting gear drive is equipped with modern frequency converters from Siemens, and the motor is stationary to allow precise, dynamic loading and unloading. Robust roller chains ensure a long service life and low-maintenance operation.

The steel frame consists of standardized rolled sections and is dimensioned in accordance with the relevant standards for earthquake resistance. A comprehensive safety scheme based on a safety control system prevents malfunctions and costly downtimes.

In addition, the KASTOecostore comes as standard with the KASTO SmartControl machine control system, which has an intuitive user interface with touchscreen for easy operation. Work is fast and error-free, even with frequently changing operating personnel.

Loads can be handled by means of pallets or special cassettes, which are stored and retrieved automatically and brought to an optimum height by the lifting gear. Additional lifting equipment such as a forklift is not necessary. This keeps access times short and permits an ergonomically favourable arrangement. Moreover, thanks to its compact dimensions the store can be installed right near the machinery.

The KASTOecostore is a space-saving standardized solution for storing various goods of different dimensions. The variable loading height provides a very high storage density, and the tower structure makes optimum use of vertical space. In addition, KASTO offers an extensive range of accessories for adapting the store to special requirements.

These include a movable station carriage for rear-side loading and unloading plus insert bolts for subdividing pallets and cassettes. A storage aid with lift-off bolts is available to assist in the handling of sheet metal and other materials using a stacker or crane.