Four new bins from Akro-Mils

by Array

AKRON, OHIO: Storage, organization and transport product manufacturer Akro-Mils has introduced four new sizes in its EarthSaver Series—featuring AkroBins and Shelf Bins made from 100 percent recycled plastic. New bins in the series include AkroBin models 30234 and 30239, as well as Shelf Bin models 30110 and 30150.

The EarthSaver series is made from 100-percent recycled plastic and offers users an eco-friendly choice in plastic storage and organization products, while boosting productivity, says Akro-Mills. Bins are available in three colors: hunter green, sandstone and terra cotta. Molded from high-impact polypropylene, the company says AkroBins are unaffected by weak acids and alkilis. Its one-piece construction is water, rust and corrosion-proof.

Akro-Mils’s Shelf Bins outlast corrugated bins, the company says, paying for themselves in reduced replacement costs. Superior
construction allows Shelf Bins to be fully loaded without spreading or cracking.

Designed for use in most settings—including assembly, distribution, manufacturing, general maintenance, retail,
supply and healthcare—AkroBins and Shelf Bins in the EarthSaver Series can be used alone or with Akro-Mils’s steel shelving, wire shelving and pick racks to create a complete storage and organization system supporting 5S Lean and other initiatives.