Freight dimensioning

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
The PalletPro 4×4 on site.

QubeVu has answered customer requests for an automated, high-speed, certified-accurate dimensioning solution for palletized freight.

The PalletPro 4×4 is accurate on any parcel or pallet shape, up to four by four by six feet, including cubes, tubes, polybags, and irregular bundled or stacked items. With a scan head that can be easily ceiling- or pole-mounted, the PalletPro provides instant dimensions without requiring object alignment.

Like all QubeVu products, it comes with turnkey integration with popular shipping software.

“With PalletPro, shippers can prevent revenue loss on oversized freight, optimize stacking in LTL orders, and automatically measure irregularly shaped shipments. This is the solution 3PL operators have been asking us for,” says Omar Dajani, QubeVu’s sales director.

He points out that PalletPro integrate with new or existing scales, and can also capture images for tracking, verification and claim protection.