High speed order picking

by MM&D Online Staff

e12ddbba-4fbc-4da8-b2d5-0f9bb5b25e79The Mobile-Matic A-Frame from SI Systems is a simple “out-of-the-box” solution that can dispense or order pick up to 16 SKUs with one unit. It is designed for up to 1,200 order-per-hour high-speed order picking applications.

Inventory is placed in one of the easily adjustable channels. When a tote or box passes the required SKUs or items are automatically dispensed into the order. Up to five items per second can be dispensed from every channel.

The system is ideal for operations that experience spikes in demand, have a small number of fast moving SKUs and and need to reduce order picking labour and increase accuracy. Additional units can be integrated in minutes.

The Mobile-Matic A-Frame comes pre-constructed in a crate. Just roll a unit up to the conveyor, connect power and network cabling.

It integrates with other order picking systems, including pick-to-light, carousels, traditional A-Frames, AS/RS and manual order picking systems.

Because the Mobile-Matic A-Frame doesn’t require the planning, system modifications and major investments typical of other solutions, the Mobile-Matic system provides a fast return on investment (ROI) and is a cost-effective means to reduce labour, improve accuracy and extend order cut-off times.