How to store irregularly shaped items

by MM&D staff

Stacking irregularly shaped items such as circular, triangular or flat-stamped metal can pose a challenge for fabricators and assemblers in various industries.

Steel King claims its Pin Rack portable stacking rack is a convenient solution, allowing users to store items of all shapes on racks with adjustable pin-type inserts.

The company says the Pin Rack resembles a pegboard, but with the holes in the bottom of the rack. The array of holes allows the user to insert a number of 12-inch pins in a configuration that best matches the shapes being stored. The system allows users to store and retrieve inventory in less time, the company said.

The Pin Rack can also be used as an assembly rack for staging various components needed to complete one assembly. And while the Pin Rack can store flat, stackable items such as gears or metal forms, finished goods or components that are not flat can also be stored more efficiently with this system, the company said.